Thursday, December 20, 2007

Century Media Podcast October 2007

Century Media Podcast 10-07 hosted by Tim Binder

This is the first metal podcast that I've listened to. This is a great way of hearing new bands. If you like metal, this one has a lot of great new metal to check out.

1. In this moment - Beautiful Tragedy
A fantastic song, strong yet pretty female vocals but she can let out a scream too. This song could make the radio, very catchy. They're on the road with Ozzy and Rob Zombie.

2. Firewind - Falling to pieces
Great melodic metal from Gus G.

3. Himsa - Big timber
A little similar to Arch Enemy and In Flames. Death/Scream vocals with melodic guitars. Pretty good tho.

4. Divine Heresy
Death/Screams with Clean vocals. Same guy I think. Good band, a good mix of heaviness and melody.

5. Arch Enemy - Blood on your hands
One of my favorite bands. This is off of the new album Rise of the Tyrrant. Amazing album, much more in your face than Doomsday Machine though I liked DM as well.

6. The agony scene - Barn Burner
Fun song, reminds me of a cross between metal and punk but not thrash.

7. Unsure of the artist - song: I will never let you down off of the awakening

8. Shadows Fall - Crushing Belial

9. The agonist - Business suits and combat boots
Great song!

10. Suicide silence - the prince of beauty

11. Nuclear Blast All stars - Disfunctional hours

12. Gotthard - Master of Illusion

13. After Forever - Energize me
Another of my favorite bands, great song, get their new album if you like Nightwish or Power/symphonic metal

14. Behemoth
Fantastic guitarists the hard core brutal black/death metal isn't my thing usually, but this band is pretty good.

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