Monday, December 3, 2007

Slackware vs Fedora

This really isn't a debate on which distro is better. Just which one I prefer. I had Fedora core 8 64Bit installed on my desktop. And the 32 bit version on my laptop. One of the main functions of my desktop is to play mp3s with Amarok. Using Fedora, Amarok would lock up on me, and the OS was slow too. Waaaay too slow. Fedora doesn't play mp3s by default, you have to tweak it to get that functionality (because of legal issues).

Desktop: AMD 64Bit processor (can't remember the model, but not the dual core), 1.3Gig RAM, 250Gb HD

I'm going to give a presentation on Amarok and mp3 players to my local Linux User Group on December 13th.
So I need to be able to play mp3s with Amarok on my laptop for this presentation. Fedora refused, I did exactly the same thing on my laptop as I did my desktop. Still no mp3 playback. It played OGG and FLAC, but not mp3. It was also very slow.

Laptop: P-IV 2.4Ghz, 786M RAM, 120Gb HD

In my frustration, I decided that Slackware was good enough for me before, I'll install it on my laptop. I haven't run Slack on this laptop before...Slack can be a pain to get hardware configured. It's not like Fedora or Suse, it doesn't always auto-find everything for you. It won't automount USB sticks or mp3 players, that has to be done manually.

Slackware installed beautifully, configured X fine, I didn't need to tweak xorg.conf to get the video settings right. I just ran alsaconf and it found my sound card immediately. Amarok loaded up nicely, doesn't crash or hang, and the system is FAST!

I installed Slackware on my Desktop last night...Didn't get a chance to play too much, it installed, and rebooted in under 15 minutes =]
Again, it configured my video properly, used alsaconf for sound and it worked like a charm! I have no idea why in the world I ever strayed away from Slackware in the first place. It was my first distribution (Slackware 3.5) and I'm back to it again =]

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I know the post is old... but ... how about the USB that time?