Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My Monster Monday

This is Monday, as my friend Pat says:
Monday is a pretty scary name... It gives the sense of impending doom and the start of something that will suck the life out of you for the next 5 days... ;o)

Then my friend Tyler wrote her a little poem.

Ms. Monday Beatrice Frost
had 10 fingers, but 2 got lost
With eyes of yellow
and her staff of power
Her weeks became mellow
...and a little less sour.

She came from a village
fraught with peril and danger
With neighbors came pillage
her village became stranger

She went to the tree
of wisdom and lore
Wisdom she did see
against all the gore

She asked for help
from the tree of the wise
She was just a whelp
too old to despise

Tree reached out
and took her deep within
She wanted to shout
but knew that a sin

"One day" the said
"another will recreate you
not out of needle and thread
but of paper and glue"

Awesome! I'm going to try to paint her tonight. I said I would last night, but my workout took longer than I expected.

I bought a book by Dan Reeder from Amazon a few weeks ago called Paper Mache Monster Turn trinkets & trash into magnificent monstrosities. I love hideous ugly things, so I thought I'd make my first monster. You should check out his blog. It's most excellent. And while your at it, another amazing paper mache artist is Scott Stoll. Check out his Stolloween site. Scott makes the most amazing Halloween props I've ever seen.

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