Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Felt Penguin Ornament

I am a Linux fanatic, I love any penguins that look like Tux. I was in Walmart a few years ago and found a penguin ornament. I bought it for my works tree then promptly made a design based on that.

This is a very rough draft of my penguin ornament. Use whatever colors and things you'd like to dress up Tux =]

What You'll need:

Felt, Black for the body, white for the belly, a goldish yellow color felt for the beak, red and white again for the hat and color of your choice for the scarf

Small google eyes. Not sure of the mm
12-08-06: 7mm eyes

A small white pompom


Cut out the body, cut 2. Attach the white belly to the body using DMC 310 one strand, folded in half, knot the end just like sewing thread. Refer to the picture in the same area you find the pattern.

Wrong sides together, sew the body together with black sewing thread leaving the bottom open to turn and stuff later. Make sure your stitches are small and as close to the edge as possible without missing any areas. Turn the ornament right side out and check for any missed areas.

Stitch the hat together wrong sides together then turn right side out. The hat base (the white square) fold into a long square then sew together with white sewing thread making a circle. Turn that right side out and glue that to the bottom of the hat. I use a hot glue gun because it seems to stick a little better. But be careful of your fingers, I've burned myself a few times already =] Also, using hot glue, attach the pompom to the end of the hat. This is the reason his hat is flat at the tip...To accomodate for the pompom.

Take two small eyes and glue to the top of his belly part. I use just craft glue for this.
Fold the beak into a triangle (in half) and using the hot glue, glue the beak just below his eyes. Again, be careful on the little pieces.

Glue the finished hat onto his head with the hot glue. You can also put some fiberfill (stuffing) into the hat for body, before you glue it tho. =]

Cut a 12" by 1/2" strip of felt whatever color you'd like and tie that around his missing neck above his arms and below his face. You might want to experiment with the width and length of the scarf. You can also cut the ends in strips to make a little fringe. Tie that around him, you might want to glue a small section of the back down, as well as underneath where it's tied just so it doesn't come apart. He'll catch cold if he doesn't have his scarf on =D

Stuff his body to the desired girth you'd like him to have. and sew up the bottom.

Attach thread or ribbon to the back however you'd like to.

I had some christmas buttons I bought last year, so I glued one snowflake to his hat, and a present to his hand. (fin). Embellish how you'd like to.

This pattern is release under the Creative Commons Licence Share Alike
licence...Copyleft of course.

Viola! You have a penguin ornament! =] Email me if you have any questions. gsmraxe[at]gmail[dot]com

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